The turning point in the American War of Independence

Two hundred and thirty seven years ago this week, there was an uneasy standoff between the British and Americans at Saratoga. On 19th September 1777, the British army of 6,000 British, German and Canadian soldiers defeated an American army of 9,000 men at the Battle of Freeman’s Farm. But the victory was a pyrrhic one and was extremely costly. While the Americans strengthened their position in terms of men and supplies after the battle and gave no ground, the British were totally isolated with many wounded and no means of supply. There was still a small possibility for the British to retreat towards Canada, but the commander, General Burgoyne, against all the advice of his officers, refused to entertain such a thought. How will it play out? Read ‘The Wessex Turncoat’, to find out.

An American cannon at Saratoga.
The flag has one stripe for each of
the thirteen “colonies” which made
up “British” America.


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